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Child Custody When Parents Don’t Communicate

A recent decision of the Family Court decided that it was not in the best interests of a child for her parents to have joint responsibility for reaching decisions about major long-term issues with respect to the child. The decision that parents do not share responsibility for a child goes against the usual presumption, but is not entirely unusual. In cases where a court is satisfied that parents ‘just cannot and will not be able to’ jointly make decisions for their child or children, sole parental responsibility will be conferred on one parent or the other.


Divorce and Separation | Best Done Cooperatively

Marguerite Picard, Family Lawyer who believes wholly in this process of Collaborative Divorce. I hope you read the following article if you are considering divorce and are open to this new team based separation process.
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by Tara Eisenhard~
Throughout a marriage, couples make a multitude of decisions. They determine where and when to hold their commitment ceremony. They decide where to live and how to decorate their home. They make choices about meals, household chores, major purchases and the names of their children. The process isn’t always easy. Sometimes conclusions take months to reach. But, for the most part, couples make these important decisions together.

What Type of Divorce Lawyer To Choose For An Amicable Divorce

Choose a Collaborative Divorce | Do You Know What to Look For?
Collaborative divorce lawyers offer a new amicable approach to resolving the issues in a relationship breakdown. Collaborative divorce law practice is based on the principle of aiding you and your partner to reach the best possible outcome for everyone in the family; it is not about ‘winning’.
In a collaboration, both you and your spouse, with your independent lawyers, a psychologist and a financial adviser work together to find agreed solutions to whatever financial or child-related issues and concerns you have, without involving the Court.
This collaborative team approach means that each of the professionals is doing what they do best, and your whole family benefits from that.
Collaboration acknowledges that the best people to make decisions for your family after separation are you and your partner, and recognises that you are likely to need help with that.

Divorce Lawyer and Child Specialist Integration

Children Helping Their Transition in Divorce with a Child Specialist
Divorce will end your marriage but your children will always be your main concern. Paramount for your children is that you know how to speak to them about the divorce.
You need to plan around about child support, education and activities for your children. There are also parent responsibility issues, shared care, extended family and friends to consider.
As an experienced family divorce lawyer, I recommend the integration of a child specialist, who will assist you to manage divorce.