What Type of Divorce Lawyer To Choose For An Amicable Divorce

Choose a Collaborative Divorce | Do You Know What to Look For?
Collaborative divorce lawyers offer a new amicable approach to resolving the issues in a relationship breakdown. Collaborative divorce law practice is based on the principle of aiding you and your partner to reach the best possible outcome for everyone in the family; it is not about ‘winning’.
In a collaboration, both you and your spouse, with your independent lawyers, a psychologist and a financial adviser work together to find agreed solutions to whatever financial or child-related issues and concerns you have, without involving the Court.
This collaborative team approach means that each of the professionals is doing what they do best, and your whole family benefits from that.
Collaboration acknowledges that the best people to make decisions for your family after separation are you and your partner, and recognises that you are likely to need help with that.


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