Hawthorn Family Lawyer Divorce Separation Mediation 9078 6980

Australia’s foremost family divorce lawyer with a practice in the Hawthorn area. Accredited specialist family lawyer in divorce mediation and amicable divorce procedures.
Call for an appointment on 9078 6980 we operate using a fixed fee divorce service.

At Marguerite Picard Family Law we assist couples who are considering separation. Helping those who have decided to separate or divorce to so in as friendly a manner as possible, without going to Court. My position is to facilitate agreements knowing that each individual needs different kinds of support during separation.

We work in collaborative divorce practice and with mediation a large part of our practice. The kind of lawyer you choose will have a big effect on your emotional and financial well being.
Like most separating couples, you will need some help to discuss your finances, living arrangements for your children, the living expenses of both households and to get legal sign-off on your agreements.
These agreements are my specialty and we achieve these outcomes amicably. Often, I work with psychologists and counsellors as well as financial planners to help you reach the best agreements possible, by integrating appropriate advice as part of settlement negotiations.


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