Liked on YouTube: Amicable Cost Effective Divorce Mediation for Separating Couples

Amicable Cost Effective Divorce Mediation for Separating Couples
Couple Mediation is now available for an amicable cost effective divorce with Saturday appointments. This is a new service provided by Marguerite Picard Melbourne Family Divorce lawyer.

“Couple Mediation on Saturday” is a NEW Service in Melbourne
Phone 9078 6880 for an appointment

View my website for the full details.

Who is Saturday Couple Mediation for?
This service is for separated couples who would like to reach an agreement that can be filed with the Family Court, but on their own terms and without prolonged and expensive negotiations between two lawyers.
Marguerite is a highly experienced Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer who is a qualified Mediator, and is an Australian leader in Collaborative Practice. For this service she focuses her extensive skills and knowledge on facilitating agreements between separating couples where both parties agree that her role is one of neutral mediator.

Mediation appointments can be attended at either Hawthorn or Brunswick.

The Steps
1. You and your partner decide to go to mediation
2. You reach a mediated agreement
3. Your Mediator bundles information ready for your lawyer
4. You meet your lawyer for advice and writing of Court Orders
5. You consider any extra support you need to get on a path to an optimistic future.

How does this type of couple mediation process save costs?
Your mediator will manage the exchange of financial information, asset and superannuation valuations, title and company searches and if required referral to one of a panel of lawyers if required.

So how do we get started?
Both of you need to complete the online intake form. You will find a link in the description below. Also complete an asset and liability statement and gather your financial documents.

Then call 9078 6880 for an appointment.
Level 1, 32-36 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Watch or share the video through this link

Together you will attend a preliminary intake talk on Saturday or a Thursday evening. From there you will make an appointment for a Saturday mediation.
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